Bobby’s Priorities

Bobby is fighting for us!

Providing Affordable & Stable Housing

Increasing affordable housing options for residents with partnerships and construction incentives, while empowering families to secure stable housing to support strong, vibrant communities across the county.

Providing Opportunities to Impact Mental Health & Homelessness

With the rise of mental health-related illnesses, high-quality mental health services are critical to ensuring a safe community. It is more important now than ever, that our County Commission prioritizes investment into these services to alleviate the strain on our hospitals and criminal justice system. We must also work to provide a County mental health facility that is fully staffed with experts trained to care for those dealing with mental illness.

Providing Access to Healthcare & Creating Healthy Communities

During his time in the State Legislature, Sen. Powell focused heavily on improving access to better healthcare services for our residents. As County Commissioner, Powell will utilize the existing relationships he cultivated over years of public service to continue these efforts and identify funding and partnership opportunities to offset costs to taxpayers.

Making Economic Opportunities Accessible to Working Families

Ensuring fairness in County hiring and other financial decision-making is fundamental to creating a thriving community. We must focus on including residents from all income levels in the process and awarding opportunities to those who have the best capability and experience to get the job done. Working families are struggling day to day to make a living so the more opportunities our County can provide for them, the better quality of life will be for everyone.

Addressing Traffic & Managing Growth

Relieving traffic congestion throughout the County, especially on east to west routes, enhancing mobility, and exploring alternative transportation opportunities for residents to utilize.

Early Childhood Education

Children who have high-quality education at an early age are more likely to succeed later on in life and it is our job as a community to invest in them. By working closely with our School District, local non-profits, and other education-focused organizations, our County can elevate the quality of education for our youth, specifically for our youngest children.

Preserving our Environment

Protecting the safety and quality of our drinking water by enhancing supervision and upkeep, while also confronting beach erosion and the consequences of rising sea levels.

Protecting Taxpayer Funds

Saving taxpayer dollars with smart budgeting and transparent financial management to ensure our county budget is balanced, efficient, and continues to deliver high-quality services.